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CBD history and facts

Posted by Octavian Vasilescu on

Hello Wellbeing Lover,

It is time for a new blog from Tavi the Hempman and here it goes...

CBD and the other cannabis chemicals

CBD has been discovered in 1963 by Prof Raphael Metchoulam a biochemistry researcher at the University of Tel Aviv. He was fortunate enough to be allowed to study all the various cannabis plants at a time of worldwide prohibition. He identified 113 different substances in the plant. It became clear that only one of them - THC ( Tetrahydro-cannabidiol) is psychoactive, while many others have no psychoactive properties. CBD is found in abundance in the sap/ sticky part of the hemp plant. The industrial hemp has been grown for thousands of years for many practical uses, from textiles to animal bedding and fuel. 

In the following 20 years and into the 90s, the study of the effects of different cannabis led to the discovery of an entirely new system in our body: the Endocannabinoid system ECS -  a network of receptors spread across our body, connecting all major organs and regulating pain, mood and appetite. This is a very important discovery that is now 30 years old, yet current medical students do not learn about it.

Body's own CBD
A healthy body produces its own cannabinoids- substances similar to CBD- in particular Anandamide and 2AG to self-regulate and reach balance - homeostasis.
Prof Metchoulam would go on to say in a recent interview - " the development of disease is almost always linked to a weak ECS system".

The good news is that you now know all this and you can ensure you have a good functioning ECS system by keeping it topped-up with CBD. Use it daily, not just when in pain, or stress and you're likely to enjoy long term benefits and even allow you body to heal and repair. 

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