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Highlights of the CBD talk hosted at Mansfield MBS Show

Posted by Octavian Vasilescu on

Dear Wellbeing Lover,

I hope you're well,

As I'm finally at home after a busy weekend at an Mind-Body-Spirit MBS show near Mansfield, I want to present to you a shorter version of my CBD talk that I hosted at North Star Crystals Event in Mansfield. I hope you will find it useful in helping you understand what CBD is and what is isn't and how you can benefit from using it.

CBD is a compound found in the sap ( sticky bit) of the hemp, the plant grown for its fibre to make fabric, rope and animal bedding. Hemp belongs to the Cannabis family of plants but is not able to produce any chemicals that get you high. The name CBD is short for Cannabidiol, the scientific term for the extract. But, I would like you to remember it as CBD: Calms Body Down, because that's what it does, without getting you high. I'll explain how in the next paragraphs.

CBD is similar to Annandamide, a substance that our own body makes plenty of, when we are healthy. Our body stops making annandamide when we are stressed or ill, and we actually have more than enough in the  first 5 minutes after sex: when your mind is quiet, your body is relaxed, you feel safe and you're ready to fall asleep.

The best way to take CBD

You will find many products today that contain CBD: oils, vapes, creams, balms, gummies, capsules and drinks. I have tried them all myself and I had them all available to customers over the years.

After 4 years of offering CBD products I realised that people request repeat orders of the oils more than any other type. I believe that is because oil drops under the tongue work best.

Drops under the tongue vs CBD capsules or gummies

In fact, when you ingest it, more than 50% of it is wasted, being destroyed by the acid in the stomach and it takes more than an hour to be processed this way. The most efficient way to take CBD is adding a few drops under the tongue and holding it for at least 1 minute, ideally 2, for fast absorption of more than 90%. After that, you can spit it out or swallow it (I do the latter). A lot of effective medication is taken sublingually, heart medication and people in anaphylactic shock, for the fast absorption compared to digestion. The best time to take CBD is after an important meal, whenever that is in your daily routine. The best practice is to take only a few drops 2 or 3 and increase after a few days if necessary.

How does CBD work?

Once is absorbed under the tongue, the body would use CBD as it would be using Annandamide, improving the function of many receptors around the body. CBD doesn't excite, it doesn't get you high, and it doesn't depress either. What CBD does is reduce the activity of over-reacting receptors: everything that is irritated or inflamed, be it an over-reacting brain, keeping you awake or creating anxiety, a irritated nerve creating the feeling of uncontrollable pain, a tight muscle or an inflamed, flared-up painful joint ( think arthritis). People that hope for benefits around stress, sleep and pain are likely to find relief from CBD, once they figure out their dose. Some people use CBD for diabetes and cancer with great results, but we are not wanting people to see our products as a cure for these.

How long until I feel relaxed, sleep better or get rid of pain?

Please don't give up if you don't see immediate results. It might take a bit longer to find your perfect dose. Don't worry about using too much, you can't overdo it with CBD and you can safely increase the amount slowly. You will find your " sweet spot" soon, 6 or 8 drops might be needed each time and that doesn't mean you're a druggie, is just your right amount. That's why CBD oils come in different strength, we have 3% or 10% organic oils for this reason, 3 drops of the 3% will have the same amount a CBD as 1 drop of the 10%, for example. If you find that you need 6 drops of 3% each time, then maybe, a 10% oil is a better option for you, using fewer drops so that it lasts longer. There are 200 drops in a 10ml bottles so there's plenty to go around. 

Which CBD oil is better?

The CBD extract in other products is usually added to coconut oil, hemp oil, with or without flavourings. Some brand use CBD powder, an intense manufacturing process, that makes a product less effective and difficult for the body to process. 

We only stock 100% organic CBD oil, a blend of hemp seed oil and CBD sap from the same plants, grown organically without pesticides in Romania. This makes it taste more earthy but less bitter and appears quite dark in colour. There is nothing added and nothing taken from the plant, as the oil is cold pressed: seed and flowers together. This natural process makes it easier to absorb, in fact the body uses everything without side effects.

During my talk I ask for questions from the audience and I look for useful answers from specialist books written by specialists, scientists and registered doctors. You can find some of these books in this link or this one. They are written by people that use CBD as replacement to painkillers, anti-depressants and even opioids.

Finally, I wish to tell you that I really want to understand if you find any benefits in using CBD, how it helps you and also if it doesn't.

I am available to be contacted directly on my mobile where I can give individual advice. Just call me on my mobile 07729927372. You might have to leave a voice message, but I will call you back asap. 

If you wish to purchase a product from the Herbalistica range please visit www. You will find all the products from the range and you should use code "just35" to get any of them for only £35 instead of RRP.

The  3% and 10% oils are available at £10 and £24 by contacting me on email or by ringing me on the mobile 07729927372. ( we have an issue with payments through the website, which we are working to fix, another payment way is available)







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