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Lack of Sleep is the Cause of All Evil

Posted by Octavian Vasilescu on

Maybe the title is a little extreme but you get the point! Have a restless night and I guarantee that next day will be stressful, you will be in pain, stiff and impatient with the people around you. 

I'd rather you have a good night sleep and not need drops of CBD under your tongue.

But what CBD does, it Calms the Body Down! 

The combination of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids in the Hemp Oil with the added  terpenes - flavorings and essences from the hemp flowers, affect in a positive way your mind and body, helping it relax. 

The body's first reaction to effort, stress and tension is more stress and more tension. Your body can produce wonderful chemicals to relax- anandamide and 2 AG, but again it produces those when you're already relaxed and calm and not when you really need it.

CBD interacts with receptors scattered everywhere in our body, and while it doesn't excite ( doesn't get you high), and doesn't depress you, it just helps those receptors come down to a more normal state. Medicine calls this normal state of balance- homeostasis. You get there with yoga and meditation and when your in the state of post-orgasmic chill. Yes, post- orgasmic chill is a thing and is good for you, you know that.

These blogs are meant to be short and easy to read so I will only add one more thing:

I recently contacted many customers that regularly order our oils and I asked them how do they use it and how many drops they take:

The people that swear by our oils use a lot more than I thought: they use it 3 times a day and take 6-8 drops ( near half a dropper, or 2 sprays) each time.

That is more than I suggest when I meet customers but I'd rather you see the expected relaxation and pain relief than return to a dozen pills a day on prescription. After all, CBD is non addictive and non psycho-active, that's why the majority of us forget to take it daily.

Now you can also afford to use more CBD as all products on our website are £20 or less.

Why don't you try some mushroom oils to to improve immunity and increase your energy levels! The are amazing and I hope I'm not going to jinx it, but no mushroom oil user has had COVID. Maybe is just a coincidence, maybe it isn't.

Have a good evening and a good night sleep!

PS: To remind yourself to take the oils daily, keep it in the fridge so you can see it and remind yourself to use it!



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