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Lessons I've learned about CBD

Posted by Octavian Vasilescu on

At the end of a busy year we wish to share with you some lessons we learnt about how CBD helps people. You might want to share this article with your family and friends that need to find an alternative to harsh medication that give them nasty side effects.

Here is a recap of the reason why so many people improve their health and wellbeing with CBD.

tips for health with CBD

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, one of the hundreds of compounds found in cannabis. The hemp plants, are a type of plants different to marijuana, but from the same family. While marijuana plants contain mostly THC ( a psycho- active/ mind altering chemical that is illegal in most countries), the hemp plants contain CBD, (a non-psycho-active, relaxant and anti- inflammatory compound).

There are many therapeutic benefits from using these compounds. I personally recommend you use CBD products, with little or no THC. THC is addictive, creates anxiety and disturbs normal digestion.

CBD has a much larger range of benefits to your health and wellbeing. You should definitely consider taking CBD if you struggle with sleep, chronic pain or stress and anxiety. CBD can substitute pain killers, sleeping pills and anti- depressants and there are no serious side effects to worry about. The trouble with prescribed medication for sleep, chronic pain and anxiety and depression) is that they have serious side effects, you always end up increasing the dose and they are always less and less affective.

CBD on the the other hand is a healthy food supplement that helps the body reduce inflammation, relax and recover naturally, without becoming addictive.

Why doesn't everyone take CBD?

Everyone should know and be educated about using natural products instead of medication and synthetic products for health.

CBD is linked to Cannabis and for the past 80 years we were told Cannabis is bad for you and is dangerous. That stops many people accepting the plant as a possible remedy. 

The price of CBD products is stopping many people from trying it. Normally you pay £40 of more for some weak, ineffective oils and that gives these products a bad reputation. On the high-street, shops like Holland& Barrett sell CBD products that have been discovered to be fake ( the information on the labels was incorrect, misleading and false), making the products seem better than they were in reality.

Here at Herbastore we have the best prices in the UK as we still offer wholesale prices, that a shop would pay for bulk buying, for buying just single items. We still offer free delivery too.

The taste of the oil is earthy, strong and not for everyone.

The best CBD oils are extracted without additives, flavourings or solvents. The organic oils have an earthy strong taste , described sometimes as a herbal, parsley/pesto type sunflower oil. There is no sunflower nor parsley in it , of course, its just a mixture of the hemp seeds oil and the flower tips of the hemp plant. My recommendation is to accept the flavour as it is, add 3 or 4 drops under the tongue in the morning and in the evening every day. Allow for the oil to absorb under the tongue for around 2 minutes, and after that swallow whatever is left, and follow it with food or a drink to get rid of the taste.

We have experience of offering many different types of CBD products, from vapes, oils, to gummies, capsules and balms. We currently recommend our oils, as we witnessed great results for your customers and received a 96 out of 100 feedback score from hundreds of customers.

It's very important for the CBD oil to be organic

CBD is extracted for the sap of the hemp plant. Hemp has thousands of uses and in many parts of the world it is used for soil remediation. Hemp is able to absorb heavy metals and chemicals from affected soils. That is very useful for ecological reasons but those hemp plants should not be used to make CBD oils or hemp seed oils. That trouble is that CBD oils that are not certified organic cannot guarantee the quality of the soil and cannot prove that it doesn't contain harmful chemicals. All the products we list at Herbastore are 100% organic, certified.









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