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Natural Supplement to fight Cancer

Posted by Octavian Vasilescu on

Is there a natural treatment for cancer?

On average someone is diagnosed with cancer every 90 seconds in the UK, according to a recent Macmillan report.

That is a pretty scary number.

Often the treatment offered destroys the natural balance in our body and the entire body is depleted of essential minerals necessary for recovery and remission.

The scientists behind the Herbalistica brand created a range of products that act as adjuvant to support in the treatment and recovery from cancer using 100% organic ingredients.

The ENERGY and RECOVERY products have been added to the range after many years of research and innovation,

The main ingredient in these products is the amazing Agaricus Blazei Murril mushroom, an edible white mushroom that contains life preserving compounds such as lipids, proteins, various amino acids, oligosaccharides and nucleic acids.

The effects of radiation and the survival of the Agaricus fungus

After the Nagasaki nuclear bombing during the second World War, almost all life forms were destroyed, with the exception of a certain type of fungus, Agaricus Blazei Murrill, which miraculously survived. A few years later it was also discovered that people who regularly consumed this mushroom had a better survival rate, too.

This would suggest that the Agaricus Blazei Murrill had strong properties against radiation.

Two american researchers, Sindon and Lambert studied the mushroom in the 1960s and published their findings in 1965 under the title ”Agaricus Blazei Murrill has anti-cancer properties”.

Through the beta-glucan content, the mushroom helps inhibit cancer cells and fortifies the body, so that malignant cells stop from developing.

In Japan, the use of Agaricus mushroom is suggested by specialist doctors during cancer treatment and recovery as a food supplement.

We offer 2 products with Agaricus mushroom extract in 20ml bottles ENERGY for boosting metabolism and regeneration and RECOVERY for extra support in fighting cancer, with added Frankincense, another powerful extract believed to induce apoptosis (cancer cell suicide).

The products available at Herbalistica are 100% organic and are ozonated for fast and deep absorption through skin ( up to 2.5 cm, or a full inch).

The products come with a pump that allows you to administer 100 equal doses. 

The Agaricus tinctures can be also ingested.

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