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RELIEF is the best natural remedy for Pain and Inflammation , Arthritis and Joint Pain

Posted by Octavian Vasilescu on

What makes a strong CBD product for pain?

What are the effects of using Turmeric?

Which one is better for joint pain turmeric or CBD?

Why the Relief product is the best you can get!


This product is an organic oil made from hemp seed oil, CBD 1500mg (from the sap of the same plan and 200mg of curcumin in its purest form extracted from Turmeric, The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are well documented in Ayurveda Indian medicinal practices and it's a godsend for those hoping for natural relief from joint pain, digestion issues, and sore muscles. The ideal quantity for a daily dose of turmeric is still unknown. The majority of supplements are capsules and loose turmeric powder is used as a food ingredient or spice. The turmeric extract in the Relief product is measured precisely to administer an exact dose each time, with each spray.

The hemp seed oil which is used as the carrier oil in this product is 100% organic and is sourced from the same farm as the CBD extract. The hemp oil is rich in Omega3 and omega6 fatty acids which offers the same important benefits to health as cod liver oil, but this time from a vegan source.

The Ozone technology makes this product stand out amongst all other products for pain. Ozonated oils are 10X faster absorbing and faster acting because of it. Relief can be applied both under the tongue or over the skin which offers great relief for the most painful joints or sore muscles. Just spray the products in the palm of your hand and then rub the affected area. The product will be absorbed in under a minute. Many people feel a tingling sensation straight away as the active ingredients penetrate a full inch through the skin.



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