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Why CBD doesn't work for you

Posted by Octavian Vasilescu on

CBD is extracted from the sap/ sticky part of the hemp plant. The hemp is a distant relative of marijuana and also belongs to the same family of plants as hops used for flavouring beer.

The hemp contains many substances that have a positive influence on your body. These chemicals are called cannabinoids. The hemp only traces of THC - the chemical that would get you high, and the CBD full spectrum contains all the components without any phyco-active effect.

Many CBD oils available on the market legally are THC free. This is only made possible by further processing the hemp extract using solvents and CO2 , a process that alters the natural balance of all the ingredients and therefore are less natural and less beneficial to you.

The majority of the CBD oils on the market are created as a cocktail of CBD crystals ( a white powder containing only CBD 99.9%) which is added to hemp seed oil or another carrier oil, such as Coconut oil or olive oil. Most of these mixtures have also flavourings added to improve the bitter tasteThe more processes are involved in creating a food, the less effective it is to improve the  health and wellbeing.

At Herbastore we have only full spectrum, whole plant, organic oils: the hemp plants are grown organically outdoor, in Romania. This is very rare for hemp, as the plant is really a cheap crop and farmers need vast plots of land to make it viable economically. Less than 5% of hemp is grown on organic land, and our oils are very special for this reason. Organic ingredients are better absorbed in our body, have no side effects and taste nicer. 

Our CBD oils have are cold pressed, like an extra virgin olive oil: the 3% strength or 10% strength are obtained from adding more flowers together with the hemp seed, from the same plants, grown on the same farm.

A quick comparison with the more popular brands available on the high street:

The 10% oils available elsewhere cost around £49, compared to our HEMPA oil which is £20. Our oil is 100% organic, the one used for comparison at £49 is not.

Why are our oils so cheap, or why are other oils so expensive? We believe is a question of greed. When we were invited to put forward our products to be listed on the high street , we worked out that our products would end up at £65, and that wasn't in line with our vision of helping as many people as we can to find a natural alternative to pain killers, anti-depressants or sleeping tablets.

Our choice of promoting our products without large shops is proving quite hard at times, but worth it in the long run.

You are reading this blog because you have met Tavi the Hempman or have  purchased our products previously.

There are no better or cheaper products on the market.

But why did you get CBD in the first place? Have you been told it relieves pain, reduced anxiety and improve your sleep? It's all true for more that 63% of the people that use it daily for a couple of weeks. If you haven't seen yet the benefits, ask yourself why? The science doesn't lie! CBD matches some wonderful chemical that your own body produces to reduce inflammation, tension and stress. 

If you have taken CBD under the tongue 3 or 4 drops, kept it there for a least 1 minute, ideally 2 minutes before swallowing and you haven't felt more relaxed, less stressed or more focused, then you should take more drops each time and a few more times during the day.

Start again, give CBD one more chance! There are 200 drops in total in a 10ml bottle. Have you met Tavi the Hempman? He is a big man, 6ft5, weighs 210 pounds and he should've told you he takes 6-7 drops each time, about a third of a dropper, keeps the oil for 2 minutes under the tongue and then swallows the rest. He worked out that amount to be the right amount for him. You should increase the number of drops as you might just need a bit more than you thought.

Find some time to browse our website as you will find only 100% organic products. The Herbalistica oils have added turmeric and other plant extracts that are very effective in improving your sleep, mood and mental clarity.

The mushroom extracts are registering a increase in interest as many people learn about the powerful properties of Agaricus, Frankincense for immunity and increased energy. 

Whatever you do, look at natural products to improve your health and wellbeing. We see people everyday caught in a vicious cycle of taking prescribed drugs that further damage their health and slowly deteriorate their wellbeing. These people are on a path that will only mean taking more drugs without any signs of healing. 

CBD itself is being looked at by pharma to become available as a prescribed medicine. The plan is to be reproduced in a lab 100% pure and offered to patients for pain, sleep, PTSD and even cancer. Products like HEMPA and THO are, instead, the natural products that contain all the beneficial ingredients, with nothing added and nothing taken away.







  • Hi, we met u at carry on camping, my daughter ashleigh with sore hip is making gradual progress, thankyou for helping us with the cbd turmeric!

    Stephen on

  • And your CBD tavi is fantastic and a great price

    Gavin McCaffery on

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