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RELIEF by Herbalistica- Ozonated CBD and Turmeric, 100% Organic

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You want to use a natural product that may improve pain and inflammation without side-effects? Our solution is Ozonated Hemp Oil with CBD and Turmeric. Look no further!

Ozonated oils are 10X more powerful, faster absorbing and more effective!


RELIEF by Herbalistica is 


  • 20ml Spray (100 uses), double the standard 
  • 1500mg CBD Full Spectrum

  • 18000mg Ozonated Hemp Oil

  • 200mg Curcumin ( Turmeric extract 1000 times stronger than powder)

  • CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDa, CBDv and THC below 0.02%

  • Rich in Terpenes: Pinene, Humulene and Carro-phyllene

  • Third-party report from leading UK lab

How to use RELIEF Ozonated Oil for pain and inflammation:

  • Suitable for sublingual use 1-2 sprays at a time, 3 times a day

  • Also suitable for topical use: to the area affected through skin- 1 spray at the time as necessary

The innovative packaging includes:

  • medical grade blue bottle
  • exclusive pump delivering 100 exact doses of- 15mg  CBD, 120mg ozonated hemp oil and turmeric each time
  • information leaflet for potential benefits, warnings and product details