"I love my lavender set! It completely transformed my bed time routine" Jo, Huddersfield

RELAXED by Herbalistica

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This is an advanced formula to improve sleep suing 100% organic plant extracts. For a natural remedy for sleep, look no further!


20ml bottle size- double the standard


  • Ozonated Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 88%
  • 2000mg CBD 10%.
  • Turmeric Extract (Curcumin) 2%
  • Antistress Formula
  • 100% Organic Product

10 TIMES more effective compared to normal oil= less needed and lasts longer.

Use on skin or under the tongue.

We have an exclusive deal at this price.

Our business is an Award Winning supplier of natural remedies. The products are 100% natural, organic, vegan and non-GMO.

Natural remedies as an alternative to intrusive medication

We believe in the healing power of plants. Nature provides remedies and potential benefits to our well-being. Many people prefer to use natural ingredients as part of a healthy lifestyle instead of prescribed medicine. Natural products are also better tolerated by our bodies without many side effects. When treating chronic conditions a lot of people notice very little improvement from prescribed medication and after a while they notice unpleasant side effect. Natural extracts are a healthier alternative in the long term.


100% Organic Products, Lab Tested oils for Sleep, Stress and Inflammation


Many plant extracts have a long history of use for their medicinal properties. In fact, all prescribed medicine has been developed from plant extracts initially. Our products are 100% organic, non-GMO and Lab Tested to ensure quality and help you get the best potential benefits. Our full spectrum CBD oil are the best you can get, certified organic, non-psychoactive and powerful, coming at 10% concentration. The most effective way of taking the CBD oil is sublingual as it uses a shortcut into the blood stream and avoids being wasted through normal digestion. You can see therapeutic effects with the first use (after approx 10 minutes) when you noticed a more relaxed state.