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My CBD journey

Posted by Octavian Vasilescu on

I drank too much and then my mum got poorly...

I decided to start this blog with a story. In 2017 I used CBD oil for the first time. I was by then selling wines in England for the past 15 years and my job was to taste wine for a living. I became pretty unhealthy with that lifestyle and CBD seemed to reduce my fixation with drinking everyday. I was a professional, not getting drunk everyday, but still, I was consuming wine every day in the week and continued at weekends.

I became pretty unhealthy with that lifestyle and CBD seemed to reduce my fixation with drinking everyday.

You don't realize how much inflammation we carry in our body until you start living without it.

I took some CBD and all of a sudden, drinking wine became less important, less necessary.

My mum, lives in Romania, seems to collect every painful sign of ageing: osteoporosis, osteo-artritis, calcium deficiency, magnezium deficiency, you name it, she's got it. And she is stubborn, she doesn't take any medication, she says pain killers turns people into zombies. She refused the vaccine, even though she is quite vulnerable.

But living in pain Sucks!

On several trips to Romania I showed my mum every CBD product I had available and she had only one favourite, the oil drops. She recognized the effect of Relief and Relaxation from taking a few drops under the tongue, after only a few minutes. 

Since 2017 I had a good supplements business, selling at fairs, shows and from a small shop in Doncaster.

If you met me a few years ago, I could offer you CBD vapes, gummies, drinks, teas, capsules, balms, creams and oil drops.

Me, my mum and hundreds of customers tried them all, and I can confirm that OIL DROPS ARE THE BEST. They act faster, they are absorbed fully and if they are 100% organic your body will love them without any side effects.

That's why you will only find CBD in oil form on our online store at or

The Herbalistica products can be applied through skin as they are ozonated, using a wonderful process  invented by Nicola Tesla.

An ozonated oil is absorbed in less than a minute through skin and it penetrates the skin a full inch. That should reach even the deep muscle tissue that needs to relax or a painful joint. Just spray the product in the palm of your hand and apply over the area! Amazing results can be felt from the first use. The RELIEF product is one of the most popular in the range.

I try to make these blogs short and to the point.

In essence,

We only have 100% products, they are safe, compliant, tried and tested, and superior to anything else on the market.

Tavi The Hempman is most qualified to help find you the best CBD you can get as has a Medical Cannabis Diploma awarded in 2020.

The products are cleverly branded to give you an idea of exactly the benefit your likely to get from using them: FOCUSED, HAPPY, RELIEF, RELAXED, CALM, ENERGY and RECOVERY. These products are supplements helping your body heal and repair naturally.

About ordering products:

We are under a lot of pressure to increase our prices and in order to avoid that we now need to ask you to send us an email to with what you require and we will send you a payment link. The delivery in UK is still free.




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