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Blue Lotus Flowers

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  • Whole Blue Lotus Flowers- dried
  • Pack of 7's 
  • Origin: Egypt
  • No Additives
  • Organic

Blue Lotus is mentioned in Ancient Egyptian history as it is said that all the Pharaohs, which are gods, came into this world through a blue Lotus. Blue Lotus represents the bridge between the spiritual and physical world. People use Blue Lotus flowers in their tea, just adding to boiling water and start sipping it 3 minutes later, while leaving the blue petals and a yellow core in your drink. It is quite bitter so you might add sweetener to taste, while some people smoke it. They use it to be more creative, relaxed, mildly euphoric, and more spiritual. As these flowers dry, the petals get detached from the core, so you're supposed to use one flower at a time and that is 1 yellow core and a pinch of the blue petals to make up the flower.