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Lion's Mane Cacao

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100% Organic Instant Powder

Most drinks have a downside, whether they have too much sugar,

not organic, not fair trade, or are highly processed.

We created this product to help you get what you want and most importantly, help you own your energy:

  • high-quality aromatic cacao beans 75% Criollo/ 25% Forastero and Trinitario beans from the Peruvian Amazon.
  • raw powders, no excessive processing, no artificial fertilizers, no preservatives, sweeteners, colorings, or any other additives
  • we enhance the properties of the product with the addition of the wonderful adaptogenic and focus-enhancing Lion’s Mane mushroom (20%)
  • nothing added, nothing taken away, 100% natural



Use up to 2 teaspoons and stir in hot or cold water or milk, in smoothies, milkshakes, and anything else you prefer. Suitable for drinking and baking.


Lion’s Mane 20%

Raw Cacao Powder 80%

1 gram of Lion’s Mane Powder per serving (2 teaspoons)

Best Before 01/09/2025

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